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Pinpointing your security risks

Source: www.ITsecurity.com   In the past few years these intentions have been turned around, to where scanning tools now give the guys in the white hats a good idea of where the vulnerabilities are and a chance to repair them before the hackers get there. At least they provide the potential for that. The fact […]

Sony Xperia devices secretly sending user data to servers in China.

Source: http://thehackernews.com If you own a Sony smartphone either the Android 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 KitKat firmware then inadvertently you may be transmitting your data back to the servers in China, even if you haven’t installed any application. Quite surprising but it’s true. I know many of you haven’t expected such practices from a Japanese company, […]

Dropbox Denies It Was Hacked, Says Passwords Stolen From Other Services

Source: www.securityweek.com On Monday, a group of hackers posted a message on Pastebin claiming they have “hacked” nearly 7 million Dropbox accounts. The cloud storage giant said the data was stolen from other services, not from its own systems. The hackers have already published hundreds of email addresses and associated passwords in clear text. They […]

Windows 10: Nine things you need to know

Source: www.cnet.com Windows 8 has had a bit of a tumultuous run, something Microsoft is hoping to turn around with Windows 10. We got a brief glimpse at a Microsoft event on Tuesday, and while it did prove to be a tantalizing look at what’s in store, there are still plenty of questions floating around, […]

Hacking an eBay Account in just 1 minute

Source: http://thehackernews.com Four month ago, a massive data breach on the eBay website affected 145 million registered users worldwide after its database was compromised. Meanwhile, another critical vulnerability on the eBay website was reported, allowing an attacker to hijack millions of user accounts in bulk. An Egyptian security researcher ‘Yasser H. Ali’ informed The Hacker […]

About 5 million Gmail IDs and passwords leaked

Source: http://www.ehackingnews.com Is Google got hacked? No, the leak was not the result of a security breach of Google systems.  The dump is said to have been obtained from other websites. So, if you have used the same password used anywhere else, your gmail account could be compromised. Google’s response “We found that less than […]

Top six steps for a secure Web server

Source: www.techtarget.com Ensuring Web server security is one of the most thankless tasks facing information security pros. You need to balance the conflicting roles of allowing the public legitimate access to Web resources while trying to keep the bad guys out. You might even consider implementing two-factor authentication, such as RSA SecurID to obtain a […]

Apple CEO says iCloud security will be strengthened

Source: www.infoworld.com Apple, still reeling from the nude celebrity photo incident, plans to soon strengthen security around its iCloud storage service, according to CEO Tim Cook in a news report Thursday. The change consists primarily of new warnings when certain changes are made to an account, as well as implementation of two-factor authentication on iCloud […]

Microsoft may announce its biggest layoffs ever… July 17, 2014

Source: www.infoworld.com Microsoft reportedly will announce the biggest round of layoffs in its history today as massive changes wrought by new CEO Satya Nadella start to take hold at the struggling IT giant. The layoffs, which have been expected amid Nadella’s calls for transformation at Microsoft, will dwarf the 5,800 job cuts it announced in […]

Critical design flaw in Active Directory could allow for a password change

Source: www.infoworld.com Microsoft’s widely used software for brokering network access has a critical design flaw, an Israeli security firm said, but Microsoft contends the issue has been long-known and defenses are in place. Aorato used public information to craft a proof-of-concept attack that shows how an attacker can change a person’s network password, potentially allowing […]